Tonya hosted the Ohio themed club at her place. We enjoyed her patio and once again…way too much food!

  • Megan and Lindsay made grilled peaches with homemade mascarpone cheese using Snowville Creamery Whipping Cream and Ohio Honey Butter with Rosemary
  • Chelsea made two homemade tarts. She got her inspiration from eCurry – The Recipe Blog. One was Grilled Vegetable and Hummus and the other was a desserty type tart with fruit and balsamic. Mmmmm
  • Anna made a scrumptious Strawberry Pie
  • Tonya made homemade salsa from tomatoes in her garden as well as a pesto and ravioli salad. She also made some tomato jelly with cheese on baguette, can you say overachiever?
  • Kendra made Risotto with Ohio corn and other goodies